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What is an Engineered Home?

Engineered construction is a process in which buildings are constructed off-site, in a controlled factory environment, adhering to the same building codes and regulations as conventional built (stick-built) structures.

Engineered homes are often misconstrued and associated with mobile homes or manufactured homes. There are many significant differences between precision engineered homes and manufactured homes, most notably manufactured homes do not have a permanent or conventional foundation whereas a prefabricated home does. Despite their manufacturing process, engineered homes are essentially the same as homes that are built on site.

Structurally, engineered construction is typically stronger than conventional construction as every aspect of the home is designed to withstand the rigors of transport and site foundation setting. The components become one integrated floor, wall and roof system once they are set and sealed on site.

Building off-site allows for better construction quality management and reduced environmental site impacts. Materials are delivered to our state of the art facility and stored in a controlled environment preventing damage and deterioration from moisture and weather. Construction in our facility is subject to stringent QA/QC measures promoting superior construction quality while reducing waste. As builders and owners look for more sustainable construction methods for reduced environmental impact, prefabricated construction is inherently a natural fit.